Vehicle ratings

IIHS tests evaluate two aspects of safety: crashworthiness — how well a vehicle protects its occupants in a crash — and crash avoidance and mitigation — technology that can prevent a crash or lessen its severity.

Start typing a make and/or model, and a list of choices will appear. You can specify a year too.
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Award winners
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Current models
Search for a vehicle by size/type
About our tests
Learn how we conduct the tests that form the basis for our ratings.
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Shopping for safety: a guide for new and used vehicle buyers

Buying a new or used vehicle? Learn how to compare car, minivan, pickup and SUV models on safety.
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Looking for a safe vehicle for your teenage driver?

Consult our list of recommended used and new models for teens.
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Insurance losses by make and model

Compare loss information for hundreds of vehicles under six types of coverage for damage, injuries and theft.
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Driver death rates

We've computed the number of drivers killed in crashes per million registered vehicle years for individual models.
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